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Everyone loves to have great photos, but not everyone loves to have their photo taken!


That's where we come in.


Imaginary Friends Photography knows that someone sticking a camera in your face is not always the best way to make you feel relaxed! We want you to feel at ease, so that the smiles you see for years after, hanging on your walls, looking back at you from your albums, are relaxed and genuine.


Our aim is to make the shoot a friendly and easy one for you and the people you hold dear. 


Imaginary Friends has worked with a large range of people - newborn babies, toddlers, teenagers, siblings, parents and friends. We've covered large family groups, individual actor's headshots, weddings, parties and music group performances. And let's not forget the pets! 


Photography is not just about the technical, it's about you and those you care about. A great photo should be about more than a smile, it should show relationships and personality. That's why we do this - because we're passionate about capturing what your family mean to you and giving you memories that you can hold onto forever.


Try us out and see that having quality photos can be a surprisingly relaxed experience.


We look forward to hearing from you! 


Craig, Ian, Ruth and Donna

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